Recordings with the Berliner Camerata

Recently I went back to the studio to record my favourite master : JS Bach.

What might sound like work, does even feel more intensely exhausting, yet it is a deeply satisfying act of creating art with love and dedication.

I had an incredibly easy time deciding ,what my second album should include repertorywise. For me,there is no better choice for recording ,than JS Bach.

Of course, I love to play all those flashy virtuoso showpieces and big concerti, but when it comes to listening to  a recording, I find myself going for Bach instead. Music created for the sake of music,nothing else (no flashy sensational effects), this is what  Bach can give to you.

Naturally, a concert experience is something different, thus I scheduled much diversity (and a lot of virtuoso blingbling)for the upcoming season programs.

We recorded at the beautiful Jesus Christus Church in Berlin, famous for its terrific acoustics( even the Berlin Phil used to record there eventually  ).

Preparing for a recording is also different ,than perparing for a concert. It is much more focused on the sound itself. In a concert ,you need to captivate the audience with a broader spectrum, since people are visual ,too. Also the audience is further away ,than a mic is. So , you need to always project in a concert, but you can go much further down in volume for a recording, and the mic will catch all your tiniest nuances. On the other hand, if you dig in too hard ,it will amplify on a recording.

The Bach concerti we recorded have a lot of chamber music approach, since the structure is polyphonic. The solo violin is only one of the equally important voices , the music is complex, still has warmth. For the players this means, everybody needs to be completely focused at all times and has to play "on the edge of their seats" , so to speak. The Berliner Camerata did an excellent job , it is really excruciating and invigorating to listen to the tracks over and over again.

The other part of the album is solo violin music. The difficulty here is, that I need to create the illusion of playing with four violins simultaneously. No cheating: I recorded all at the same time ;-) Its funny, how my own playing has changed over the years. I was always known to be the "wild kid" , rebellious approach, burning passion.

Yet on the new Bach album , I sound so meditative and serene. Is it age???(said the 26year old)


Anyways, can't wait to publish it ,and am looking forward to an exciting new season. Happy New Year!