LOTTO Promotion Prize of the Rheingau Music Festival

Hi everybody,


I am excited to announce, I will be awarded the €15.000 LOTTO promotion prize of the Rheingau music festival 2013!

This prize ia awarded annually to one outstanding soloist of the "next generation" scheme of the festival, which is regarded as germanys biggest music festival with a focus on classical music ,having a budget of 7,6 Million € per year.

The jury of the prize include conductor Christoph Eschenbach and festival-and programdirectors from Rheingau.

Read a Jurystatement on my prize in German:

»Unter den vielen jungen Talenten aus aller Welt überzeugt Iskandar Widjaja durch technische Perfektion und absolute Authentizität. Dabei ist sein Spiel von einer selten zu erlebenden künstlerischen Fantasie und Freiheit gekennzeichnet, die einen emotional mitreißt. Seine besonders ungezwungenen und erfrischenden Interpretationen führen beim Zuhörer unweigerlich zu einem besonderen Klangerlebnis. Iskandar Widjaja spielt sich mit seiner ehrlichen, sympathischen Ausstrahlung direkt in die Herzen der Zuhörer.«

I 'll try my best with an english translation,here goes:

"Among the many young talents from all over the world, Iskandar Widjaja convinces with technical perfection and absolute authenticity. His playing is characterized by a rare artistic imagination and freedom ,which is emotionally infectious. His particularly nonchalant and refreshing interpretations lead the listener into a special sound experience. Iskandar Widjaja's playing and his honest ,sympathetic presence go straight to the heart of the listeners."


Recently ,I had the honour to be working intensely with Maestro Eschenbach. I must admit, that he opened up a whole new musical world for me: to give space and room to every note and to experience music in the very present moment. I feel like ,life is more intense when I play music now in this way.


and yeah: I was named one of "sexy six" by InStyle Indonesia and had a blast at Beyonces Berlin concert last night( just to come back down-to -earth)