New Single- "BURN"- release

Hey y'all,

finally,finally- BURN  is out!

Its been long, we started shooting in May 2013 on top of the bromo vulcano(still active).  I seem to have a tendency towards vulcanos, my dad actually was born on one! Anyhow, the location is stunning! Almost like a vast moonlandscape, we were able to capture the perfect images to create BURN. Luckily, moviestar indonesian superdiva Raline Shah agreed to be my model for the shoot. What struck me was, she actually could cry tears on demand! We had such a good time shooting , as we do hang out as friends all the time,when I am over to Jakarta ,too!

"Burn" combines elements, that very much define me as a person. Classical crossover, indonesian melancholy, aggressive drive, it's all in there!!

"Burn" is availible from all online sources such as amazon, itunes, spotify from NOW on!!

Also, check the music video here!!! :

As you all know, I live a double life! I am currently following two absolutely opposing career paths. European market can see me as the serious rising classical performer, focusing on intellecually and emotionally balanced interpretations of JS Bach, yet Indonesia welcomes me as the talkshow hopping entertainer. I must say, I enjoy slipping into different roles of my personality to the max, it can be drenching though, energywise. Since I do want to deliver quality all the time.

But, no complaints! Just played a succsessful audition for one of the most respected conductors of all times, so many more exciting thing are to await for the upcoming seasons!

This summer also saw me studying. First and foremost with my all time idol Midori Goto. Take ,what you need and forget what you don't, but interaction is always to your benefit!