My 2014

Hi everyone,

 I'm in Paris atm and playing tonight with legendary Christoph Eschenbach. Schumann 2nd Sonata in d-minor, Bach and Mozart are on the program.

We actually plan on recording a whole Schumann Album together in the near future, but more details later,promise ;-)

This collaboration is musically the most satisfying and intense experience of my life. It is, as if Maestro totally absorbs my innate nuances like a seismograph. The little rubati and color shades in a slow Bach movement are something, which cannot really be reheased, if there isn't this basic understanding and feeling about it. I can say, I have found my musical soulmate, and couldn't be happier about it.


2014 has brought some other gems though. I've had two CD releases this year! Precious refuge, my bach album has been a long planned and anticipated project, and I'll never forget the recording of the C Major Sonata on June5th, the night before my birthday. I wasn't happy with earlier recordings of mine ,thus decided to play all 4 movements like in a concert without cuts. And this happens to be on the CD-the breathing live recording, something I'm proud of ,since the Sonata builds up like a musical cathedral ,and the movements are intertwined, need to be played consecutively to make sense.

The second album this year"Tango fuego", was recorded with my Trio CAYAO, a longtime collaboration with my respected collegues Jarkko Riihimäki and Ander Perrinho. We have reheased and played together for a couple of years now, and decided it was time to put our work on an album, most notably Jarkkos own beautiful haunting compositions with a nordic touch.

Furthermore I had important Debuts in 2014, with Mo.Eschenbach and the Munich Phil,playing Mozart, and with Zubin Mehta at the Tonhalle Zurich with the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, playing Bruch, all on a Stradivarius from 1734, generously loaned to me through Mr.Florian Leonhard, who I'm very grateful to.

I've already written about my wonderful collaborations with Eschenbach, but also the work with Mo.Mehta was utmost enlightening. He gave me structure,clarity and a stable musical backbone, while keeping the warmth and made my practising much more efficient .Thank you!

I gave my recital and concerto Debut at the Konzerthaus Berlin, the posters for the concert ad where plastered all over Berlin(and I kept running into myself ,always kind of freaking) thanks to Daniel Manz from Berliner Camerata,at the Moritzburg festival of Jan Vogler and had the chance to perform chamber music with some of my former professors, but also performed at Berlins famed nightclub"Asphalt" with a program entitled"Bach in the club" to a whole new audience from a classical perspective.

In Indonesia I had the wonderful opportunity to play for charity in a project entitled "Musik yang Membebaskan"( music sets free), a project in collaboration with Kompas Gramedia for streetchildren. Musical intruments were sponsored for the children,and they practised for two weeks under the tutelage of the Jakarta Philharmonic Orchestra until they were able to perform an easy tune together with me in a concert: a touching experience for all of us!

In September , I had the honour of opening the Davis Cup in Geneva, warming up next to Roger Federer and performing my single "Burn". I've watched the match from the presidents box sitting next to Federers parents,exhilarating!

Last but not least I have to thank my excellent pianists from 2014: Vestard Shimkus from Latvia for a memorable Prokofiev 1, Miki Aoki of Japan with who I've played literally on both sides of the world, Ben Kim,my comrade from study times,Christine Utomo, at this point the only pianist that I collaborate with in Indonesia. And I am looking forward to a reunion with Oliver Kern in 2015, Professor in Frankfurt and a genius pianist with who I will play both in Germany and Indonesia.


Have a wonderful new year,