My Beethoven week

This week I found some time to attend concerts of colleagues. Both of them played works by Beethoven, and one couldn't possibly imagine more different interpretations of the same composer, yet on a high standard .

Midori- famed japanese violinist played the "Kreutzersonata" with focused ,sometimes demonic intensity. Being in total command of the instrument ,she shaped long lines with a singing quality throughout.

Frank Peter Zimmermann, german virtuoso, played the Violinconcerto with great structural vision and tonal richness.

I myself am preparing both works for this season concert demands. Sometimes, I feel a certain degree of craziness in Beethoven, which exhilarates me. Because I do feel a need of craziness in all societies, for normalcy bores the human being.

We do not want all questions to be answered, and Beethoven rudely leaves us with a statement, he screams it out unmisunderstandably .


And oh: I LOVE HIS ANGER! There is a euphoric and wild energy to Beethoven' s anger ,that I ' ve always found attractive.

I somewhat imagine his music being RED, I always did so.

My friends keep making fun of me being nominated 20 hot guys 2012 by GoGirl magazine- hey, don't you think Beethoven was musically hot? ;-)

I do. ;-)