Indonesia Tour

My indonesian tour is about to start, and I 'd like to share some background information. The first three concerts will feature an artistic collaboration between pianist Oliver Kern and me. Thus far, we have only met once for an intense rehearsal session in Hamburg. Practising with Oliver has been an immense pleasure, a constant challange and an energetic adventure. We will have concerts in Jakarta, Solo and Surabaya, all organized by the Goethe Institute Jakarta and their lovely staff. I got to know through facebook, that the Jakarta concert is already fully booked, I am pleased by the great response!!! Some people even travel from cities like Medan,Yogya,Semarang or even Australia, I heard: WOW!

The program includes the Scherzo FAE by Brahms, the Ravel Sonata-which is featured on my Album Bach 'n' Blues, and the Ravel Tzigane.

The Brahms Scherzo has been an all time favourite piece of mine. I heard it for the first time in my teens and was overwhelmed by its intensity and the sheer joy of burning passion in the lines. It also has moments of longing and crying over the beauty of life.

The Sonata by Ravel is truly fascinating. The colours conjure up an image of a wide landscape in rays of sun( I do have fantasy, don't I?), or an asian princess singing lonely love songs on a promenade.

Tzigane is crazy, so it already has my sympathy for this fact solely. Suffering and wild dance don't have to exclude each other in this piece.

Then: BALI, yeahhh! Relaxing and jamming in the club of my friend Tom at JP's in Seminyak is a treat for every classical artist to get rid of (classical) pressure.

Last but not least: Classically in Love ,my personal Valentines Concert featuring such indonesian star performers as Maylaffayza and Christine Utomo. I collaborated with Christine several times in my mothers home city Medan. Audiences there go nuts over classics, and Christine is a hidden treasure ,watch out.

Maylaffayza came to my public masterclass at Titan as a listnener, and surprised me at meet n greet :"Heres my album , hope we could collaborate sometime." plus her sweetest smile. I'm honoured to be able to announce our violin duo performance at Titan on february 11th!

See ya guys very soon!