Busy times

Whenever I am in indonesia, my schedule looks crazy. Although I thought I booked quite an expansive duration of stay, every single day is meticulously planned with meetings ,dates, rehearsals, and so on.

I just returned from Bali, and directly headed into first rehearsal with Maylaffayza today. I 'll promise: our concert will be a blast!

Recenct shootings and interviews included marieclaire magazine, Joy magazine, tomorrow will follow Cleo magazine ,Grazia magazine , Bens radio, V-radio, and a TV Show called "Dahsyat".

The "Dahsyat" Studio was quite a mess and everything the Talkmasters said was so random-thus I felt very much at home,haha. Apparently, millions of people are watching this show, and afterwards I found my name being "trending topic" on twitter. That was quite something!

I cant figure ,when fans started actually calling me "Vampireboy" and the likes, but this whole thingy has developed its own life! I catch myself practising Twilight soundtrack and buying dramatic silver jewelery.


Gosh , I am tired, tomorrows Bens interview starts at 9, gnite everybody,