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I have learned most of the Bach works for solo violin ,but was  always reluctant to learn Nr.3 in C-major. This Sonata includes the notorious fuga ,over 300 bars long and almost impossible to play. Just imagine : one solo violin has to play a four-voiced fuga and each voice needs to sound idiomatic and singular.

After a little journey into crossover genre in indonesia ,I had the inward urge to dive into heavy and serious work: I started to learn Nr.3.

I can never stop worshipping Bachs music. It invigorates and calms me at the same time. It is like a good workout on the instrument and for the mind , yet it is so much more. Playing Bach can be a spiritual experience. The music is superior in every aspect.

Also ,I started to learn Beethovens "Kreutzersonata" for my recital in Köln-Bensberg with pianist Ben Kim, who was suggested to me by a facebook friend from America, whom I never met!

I always take indications of composers very serious ,meaning: I want to understand ,what is the message  behind their indications. With Beethovens music I found: if I really do what he wrote, his music becomes so extreme. I feel like ,he was in disgust of everything resembling normalcy or conformity.

Which reminds me very much of myself- normalcy bores me. Beethoven broke out of the corset the classical period  laced people in. And he did with anger.