and Bach again

At the moment I am about to record again. Bach -music for violin,so much shall be revealed. When playing Bach for people ,I feel, that it has the effect of making the audience look inward, become still in their minds and reaching the higher thoughts of life. I know for a fact , that Bach has written every single note in the set of SEI SOLO for a reason .The almost scary, utterly intimidating fact, that there even is a mathematical concept behind this masterful composition makes me wanna squeeze out my souls juice into every note written.

I wanna dig deeper with my interpretation every day and understand the piece both spiritually and structurally.

This music is something you need time for. Both as an interpreter and listener. Although I consider myself young, I spent a considerable amount of lifetime playing ,thinking, loving Bach. As a listener I need a lot of focus to listen to Bach and then ,the music reveals its treasures.


I admire how far one human being was able to develop himself in every aspect. Because truly great art needs a medium ,that has refined itself generally, not only skillwise.

This is my strong belief.